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Title: Link

Medium: Oil Painting on framed canvas

Size: Height 100 cm (3ft 3”) Width 80 cm (2ft 71/2”) Depth 3 cm (1”)

Frame: The painting is sold without a frame (the frame in this photograph is for display purpose only)


Artists Comments:

Link is just that and more, if you study the painting there are only four shapes, all four shapes link together to embrace each other and give form. One shape forms the thigh, buttock, back and head, the 2nd shape forms the hair, while the last two shapes come together to form the breasts and stomach. This painting is about fertility, fitness and general well being and has been painted to instil a sense of health. I’ve found people lost in this painting for although at first glance it seems rather simple if focused upon, but once you start following the lines with the eye you can soon become quite captivated.

The brushwork is quite course and the paint thicker than some other paintings but altogether it provides a warmth that works well in most settings.