About the Artist

Christopher James Keenan – Born in the early 1970’s from a long serving military family. Both parents were Officers in the British Royal Navy; which makes Chris a self-confessed Navy Brat.

Chris has always had creative tendencies, at the Age of 25 Chris held his first Managing Director position in a London design agency. Managing photo shoots, corporate and commercial design projects for a wide range of clients. Chris soon developed a name for himself as a worldwide multimedia designer and marketing creative, designing and running projects in 21 different counties around the globe.

His artwork; both corporate and private has always been popular and for this new collection Chris has focused primarily on the mono graphical representation of the female form. To develop the style Chris wanted, he enlisted at “Heatherley's School of Fine Art” in Chelsea, London to brush up on his figurative oil painting skills and then went on to produce this vibrant collection of 12 oil paintings.


Chris has designed the collection to consist of four colours, each colour holding 3 paintings. Of each of the three paintings there is one purely based in form and 2 that are mono graphically figurative. These paintings exude energy and when studied the viewer can become lost in the clever use of a single colour to distinguish features of the female form. The painting may not be front room material but for any collector of art they provide a lavish expression of the zenith of female allure.

Geoff Cooper - 2005