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Title: Chantal

Medium: Oil Painting on framed canvas

Size: Height 100 cm (3ft 3”) Width 80 cm (2ft 71/2”) Depth 3 cm (1”)

Frame: The painting is sold without a frame (the frame in this photograph is for display purpose only)


Artists Comments:

Painting in green was incredibly hard work; firstly there is something about green oil paint that just doesn’t want to lend itself to the canvas. Secondly every painting was starting to look like the incredible hulk or the jolly green giant. It took me 6 paintings to get the 3 that I thought were good enough for sale. I almost gave up trying to bring this painting together, however at some point a moment of purity arose, and the creation of this painting seemed to feel like I was carving the image out of an emerald.

The thick dark background paint changes direction to reflect the light in a fashion that gives the impression of rich, dark, long hair. The hand and the knee in the foreground just seems to break free of the rugged background paint and some how offers a deep more defined polished look. This contrast of painting style was a reflection of my struggle with the colour yet they seem to combine to form one of my most realistic paintings.

The lure of this painting comes from not just the painting style but also the scene I was trying to capture. This painting represents that first meeting.