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Ross Kemp on Gangs
Ghost Writing:

Ghost writing is the art of catching a subject’s voice and telling his or her story in an honest, engaging and commercially attractive way. I ask the person in question to talk me through the story in detail and record it as they speak. Then I go back over the material, pruning and shaping it so that the story has a page-turning structure, sticking to the facts but making sure these are told in the most compelling way.


Often, a ghost needs to do a lot of research to fit the story into the wider context. A good example is Tornado Down, the personal survival stories of RAF pilots John Peters and John Nichol. It was important to explain the origins of the first Gulf War, how you fly and fight a Tornado, why they were sent on their combat mission and what happened after they were released from captivity.

People I have ghosted for:

Tornado Down [Michael Joseph/Penguin] - RAF Lieutenants John Peters and John Nichol

Summer of Love [Macmillan] – Beatles producer Sir George Martin

Tried by Fire [Little, Brown] – PFLP founder Bassam Abu-Sharif and Israeli commentator Uzi Mahnaimi

Acts of Faith [Transworld] – Pop star and actor Adam Faith

The Shooting Gallery [Orion] – SAS soldier Gaz Hunter

Gangs [Penguin] – Actor and TV producer/presenter Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp on Gangs: El Salvador - Cape Town - St. Louis – Moscow

Books & Media