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Ross Kemp on Gangs

Since training as a writer/researcher at Reuters Television News, Will has contributed articles and feature to many newspapers and magazines on a very diverse range of subjects.


Among others these include: European fishing piracy off the West African coast for the Financial Times; a scoop story about a covert joint UK/US Special Forces operation in the First Gulf War for the Sunday Mirror; a story on UK Special Forces operations in Bosnia for the Daily Mirror; a very large number of features for the National Trust Magazine over a seven-year period, ranging from Sir Francis Drake’s role in the Armada to the key role Bletchley Park played in breaking the Nazi Enigma codes; and stories about the destruction of Africa’s rainforest and rampant corruption that goes with it for Today; The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail.

Ross Kemp on Gangs: El Salvador - Cape Town - St. Louis – Moscow

Books & Media