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Ross Kemp on Gangs

Translating from foreign languages is the art of remaining true to the original text while at the same time rendering it in the target language as engagingly as possible.


Will recently made a 21st Century-friendly translation  - from the original German for Arcturus Press/Barnes & Noble’s new edition of Franz Kafka’s sublime short story Metamorphosis. He has also translated commercially from French to English for various organisations including the Royal Mint. The challenge in the case of Kafka’s Metamorphosis was to stick to his plain and very readable style, but update the language for the modern English reader. There are real advantages to employing someone with experience of writing, as well as of translation itself, and he is keen to do more translation work in either German or French.


Excerpt: Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka When Gregor Samsa woke one morning from troubled dreams, he found that he had been transformed – in his bed – into a kind of giant bug. He lay on his back, which had become as hard as armour, and when he lifted his head a little saw the arch of a brown abdomen divided into stiff, domed segments. The quilt was perched precariously on top, and looked as if it might slide off at any moment. A regiment of puny legs, horribly thin compared to the rest of him, quivered wretchedly beneath his gaze. ‘What on earth has happened to me?’ he wondered.

It was no dream. His room, which was perfectly suited for human occupation although too small, lay at peace within its four familiar walls. Above the table, where a collection of cloth samples lay scattered – Samsa was a commercial traveller – hung the picture that he had recently cut from an illustrated magazine and placed in a pretty gilded frame. It showed a lady sitting upright, wearing a small fur hat and boa, with her forearm plunged up to the elbow in a heavy fur muff.

Gregor turned his gaze to the window. The dismal weather – raindrops rattled hard on the lead flashing – filled his spirit with a deep gloom.
Ross Kemp on Gangs: El Salvador - Cape Town - St. Louis – Moscow

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