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Go! Go! Go!: The Definitive Inside Story of the Iranian Embassy Siege
Go! Go! Go!
The Definitive Inside Story of the Iranian Embassy Siege

London, Apriil 1980: six Arab terrorists seize the Iranian Embassy at gunpoint. For five days, the Metropolitan Police try to negotiate a peaceful outcome. Then, on the sixth and final day of the siege, the gunmen start killing their captives in cold blood. With more deaths threatened, the British Government calls on the services of a force that is then little-known.

In a stunning eleven-minute assault codenamed Operation Nimrod, the SAS storm the building. As the world watches in awe, the black-clad anti-terrorist specialists shoot dead five of the gunmen, arrest the sixth and free all but one of the the remaining hostages.

Written with one of the SAS men who took part in the assault, Go! Go! Go! is a riveting account of six days in hell. In gripping style, the narrative explains the background to the siege; brings the major players in the drama to life; and gives a thrilling, blow-by-blow account of the action.
Rusty Firmin Author and Will Pearson  Go Go Go

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