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Welcome to Will Pearson’s website.

Will Pearson left home aged 15 to join the Royal Navy. Seven years, two world tours, a GCSE in navigation and a deep tan later, he won a scholarship to Ruskin workers’ education college, Oxford. After various careers, Will turned his hand to writing. His military experience and contacts led to a breakthrough book, the best-selling Tornado Down. Its strong sense of story, fast pace and direct, engaging language have since become a trademark style, not least in books under his own name such as the Daily Mail-serialised Death Warrant.

As a ghost-writer, Will is a past master at catching the unique ‘voice’ and character of his subjects, and has ghosted many more books, including the best-selling Gangs with Ross Kemp. He has also produced and scripted documentaries for Channel 4 and Discovery Channel, and written for The Financial Times, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, Africa Today and many more.
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